About us

Welcome to LOLGISTICS™ Galactic Industries, where anything is transpossible!

At LOLSISTICS™, we do the ‘big three’ of space endeavors: hauling, discovery and resourcing. We’ve been doing so for decades, and we are darn good at it too!

Most of the time we are transport driven. However, we also like to tinker with, repair and build stuff. Then move -that- around, across somewhat of a distance. Then sell it. And hopefully make a credit or two in the process. But after a while, we get a little restless and start looking around. Which is where the exploration part comes in.

Your move. You want to move? You want -it- moved? Want it moved -there-? At LOLGISTICS™ we have your back! And all your cargo crates.

Looking for something? For yourself? Change of scenery maybe? A new home even! Well: so are we! Want us to bring back scanning data from that far away system your Sidewinder just doesn’t want to go to? Just point the way and we will be right back!

You need something. You know you do. -We- know you do! Something not from this world. An engineering material, maybe. Whatever. Well fear no more: at LOLGISTICS™ we can pretty much get our hands on -any- thing you need!

In short: we will move you, all your cargo, your two droids (which we are most definitely -not- looking for, by the way), and no questions asked, as well as carry out repairs on any and all tech you managed to break. If you can get it to us, we can get it back to you in good shape! And if it is not possible to get it to us, but you can still get us the coordinates, we can even come to or go get things for you. Or fix them, and get them on their way back to you.

Fly safe!
CMDR Overstear