Here to help

CMDR : OverstearDate : 3306-01-28Location: Electra 4, Cavalieri stationTLDR : Approach and landing at damaged station Cavalieri We knew it was bad but had noRead More

Back at you!

CMDR : Overstear and WaricDate : 3306-01-10Location: Oephairb SE-C C15-44TLDR : CMDR Waric honing his docking skills

Broken boat

CMDR : OverstearDate : 3305-07-27Location: UndisclosedTLDR : What an Anaconda looks like, after a commander slams it into a planet -way_ too hard. 11% hullRead More

Knock, knock

CMDR : OverstearDate : 3305-06-20Location: R3D4CT3DTLDR : Trying to scan a PO1-Type anomaly has some unexpected side-effects. Coming across these stellar phenomanon is always somethingRead More

Meet the Thargoids

CMDR : OverstearDate : 3304-10-11Location: Merope 3TLDR : Close encounterWhen reponding to a distress call, CMDR Overstear quickly finds out the cause: Thargoids. While heRead More


Right. So, you want to be able to safely turn in your ‘honestly found’ stolen cargo, eh? Shame about those ship and cargo scans whenRead More

Combat ranking

There is a fairly safe way to become (more) proficient in combat, which is by doing bounty hunting in resource extraction sites (RES). What itRead More