Spacy vegetables

CMDR : OverstearDate : 3306-06-22Location: R3D4CT3DTLDR : Eat your space vegitables It’s amazing what you can sometimes come across when you are not paying attention.Read More

Data ‘recovery’

CMDR : OverstearLocation: Alpha Centauri, 2042 L1Date: 3306-07-14TLDR : While searching the moon for materials, CMDR Overstear came across a new sort of scanner blipRead More


CMDR : Overstear and Waric in wingDate : 3306-05-24Location: LHS 3615 8 ETLDR: What goes up, must come down … Although the average view isRead More

Why we fight

CMDR : OverstearDate : 3306-02-19Location: EvangelisTLDR : N.A. This is one of the reasons why humanity fights the Thargoid: payback. They attack our stations andRead More

Back at you!

CMDR : Overstear and WaricDate : 3306-01-10Location: Oephairb SE-C C15-44TLDR : CMDR Waric honing his docking skills

Broken boat

CMDR : OverstearDate : 3305-07-27Location: UndisclosedTLDR : What an Anaconda looks like, after a commander slams it into a planet -way_ too hard. 11% hullRead More

Knock, knock

CMDR : OverstearDate : 3305-06-20Location: R3D4CT3DTLDR : Trying to scan a PO1-Type anomaly has some unexpected side-effects. Coming across these stellar phenomanon is always somethingRead More