Basking in the dark

CMDR : Overstear
Date : 3306-05-23
Location: R3D4CT3D
TLDR : There is two ways to mine: the cramped, dirty and dusty way, or the basking in luxurious leather seats way.

We choose the latter. Sure, when you spend over a billion credits on a boat, mining might not be the first thing that jumps to mind. Then again, in a previous life, CMDR Overstear has been known to take all sorts of ships out mining. Or to do whatever else he needed. He’s been spotted mining using anything from shuttles, to transport ships and even serious battleships like a Rokh. Just because he can.

Put simply, he really doesn’t care what the designated role of a boat is. He’ll use them for what -he- wants to. Which, in the case of the mighty Cutter, is mining.