Data ‘recovery’

CMDR : Overstear
Location: Alpha Centauri, 2042 L1
Date: 3306-07-14
TLDR : While searching the moon for materials, CMDR Overstear came across a new sort of scanner blip he had not seen before. A daunting red square was presenting itself, and he decided to investigate.

Report : Upon coming closer he detected a few drone guardians and two stationary turrets. That seemed a lot for just a few buildings and CMDR Overstear progressed onwards. The drones at some point picked up on him and seemed to becoming hostile. Not wanting to take any unnecessary risks, CMDR Overstear then took the initiative and opened fire on the drones.

After taking the drones down, he then proceeded taking out the turrets but when he next closed the distance on the base more drones came out. When those too were taken care off, CMDR Overstear found a data point that could be scanned. Yet more drones ascended from the base at that point, though they were dealt with swiftly as well.

CMDR Overstear then made his way back to his Krait MkII with the recovered data, while under a barrage of incoming missiles. None did any damage, however, and the last ones were neatly taken care off by the Krait’s point defense system.