Here to help

CMDR : Overstear
Date : 3306-01-28
Location: Electra 4, Cavalieri station
TLDR : Approach and landing at damaged station Cavalieri

We knew it was bad but had no idea what to expect when we left super-cruise and entered normal space near the station. A chill ran down our spine when we took in the damage. Fires, smoke, loads of green scourge marks all around the station’s entrance. It looked bad. Darn Thargoids.

Once inside, things did not improve at all. Here too we spotted open fires and lots of debris of ships that presumably did not withstand the intense heat inside. After docking, our Dolphin, which was specifically fitted for passenger rescue for this mission, was taken below right away, to prevent further damage.

We didn’t like what we saw, not one bit, yet we were glad we had arrived to help out. Let’s get to work.