No survivors … right?

CMDR : Overstear
Date : 3306-01-30
Location: HIP 17403 A 4 A
TLDR : We descend down to the surface of the body to investigate a Thargoid signal source. There’s a feeling we are not alone out there though …

As soon as we come closer to the wreckage, we can see that this was no matter of a Thargoid running out of fuel and having to make a emergency crash landing. Two Anaconda’s lie on the surface, as well as what appears to be a Lacon Type-9 and some unidentifiable parts. One can only guess what took place here, or who was potentially hunting who.

While we are still hoovering around the crash site, our ship gets scanned. But by what? Our own scanners are clear. Time to have a look around for survivors.

This was an amazing sight. We had, of course, seen Thargoid ships before, but either at a safe distance or in pieces. But never this close, and it clearly shows the size of one of these.

It had broken up in several sections, and we had been driving around and over it, just to see what was there to see. Their ships, probably much like the Thargoids themselves, look very organic in nature.

When our systems started acting up and strange noises began to emerge from the wreck, we started the video logger. Just in case. Nothing alive was on the scanners, yet we could clearly hear what sounded like animal noises.