Spacy vegetables

CMDR : Overstear
Date : 3306-06-22
Location: R3D4CT3D
TLDR : Eat your space vegitables

It’s amazing what you can sometimes come across when you are not paying attention. CMDR Overstear’s day did not start out well. First he let his Krait overheat a few times and when he finally noticed he decided to do something about it right away. That’s right, right then and there.
With the flicking of a switch, the AFMU came to life. A scroll through a few pages of ship’s systems later and CMDR Overstear had reached the page with all the modules. The FSD looked like it needed some maintenance first, and without thinking he put the AMFU to work.

Do you ever have that happening to you? You say or do something that you immediately regret. Deeply. But the damage is done. 15% of it, to be precise.
As the Krait’s AFMU went to work on the FSD it shut it down first. For safety reasons. The fact that this event yanks your boat from supercruise, in the most violent way possible seems to have no effect on these safety reasons.

So after a bit of a tumble, the Krait came to a stop. The faint sound of something whirring to a stop in the background, CMDR Overstear knew what had went wrong. What he did wrong. You never, NOT EVER, set a AFMU to work on an operating FSD. That’s just … well, NOT DONE, that’s what that is.

Determined to put things right, our CMDR then set a course to the nearest moon to have some repairs done the way they were meant; with almost everything shut down.
And that’s when he noticed the view. Leaving the AFMU to do its job, he jumped in the SRV to have a drive around. It turned out to be a beautiful night.