Stop ‘bugging’ me …

CMDR : Overstear
Date : 3306-02-22
Location: Lembas A 1
TLDR : Timing is everything

The fight had obviously been going on for a while, but the Thargoid initiated electronics shutdown must have fried the first part of the footage. We pick up just as CMDR Overstear’s systems are rebooting and the Krait MkII comes back to live.

Thargoids. Man, they should really know better by now. Sure, they set whole stations ablaze at times, but that’s just because they choose to fit targets that can’t really defend themselves, rather than taking the fight head on. Shame on you, aliens!

Anyway, CMDR Overstear received a comms with a request to help out with a skirmish somewhere near Lembas A 1, and since he was in the neighborhood anyway and had nothing better to do he decided to go and put in his bit.

That all went fairly well, until the hull of the Krait reached the 25% percent integrity mark and it was time to bug (pun intended) out and live to tell the tail.

Dodging a fight with the big ones while constantly having missiles shot at you is no easy feat. But even though the cockpit started to make very disconcerting sounds, we were lucky to make it to a nearby mega-ship just in time.

In the end CMDR Overstear was able to safely land his Krait with no less than 15% hull left. We’ll be back Thargoids, you can count on it!