All of the loops

Loop of shame
Loop of fame
Loop of faith
Loop of the ever so slight corrections
Loop of no turning back
Loop of confidence
Loop of just making sure we’re not being followed
Loop of our good side

Every commander, and we do mean every single one, has missed his or her entry at least once. This results in what is commonly known as ‘the loop of shame’, though, as you can see, there are several other variants used out there. Whatever you call them, it means you have to do a 180 and try again.

But there is a very simple way to never miss an entry again: 0:07 seconds will save you

On your HUD, under the name of the station or body you are navigating towards, two bits of information are displayed: the distance and estimated time of arrival.

Once the latter reaches 0:07 seconds, throttle down to 75% thrust and you will cruise along at the exact correct speed you need in order to not miss the approach.

For added convenience, you can bind a key to that 75% throttle setting, so it only takes a single key press to nail that approach every single time.

Fly safe, commanders. o7