Scooping for free fuel

Imagine, for a moment, that you just want to fly and fly and scoop and scoop, until either end of the galaxy, without making any pit-stops to buy that overpriced rocket fuel? Sound familiar?

Well, you will need scoop-able stars for that dream to come true commander. And lots of em. But, I hear you wonder, how do you know which ones are scoop-able for fuel, and which ones (for that specific purpose, at least) are utterly useless to you?


I know, right? What? Them Ruskies made some light weight plastic stuff to solve this? What -is- this stuff? Is it that pencil joke all over again? Nah, nothing that dramatic, thankfully.

Star classes tell you something about their properties, and the classes that can be scooped are A, B, F, G, K, O and M. But that does not exactly roll off the mind all that smoothly, so that is where the KGB-FOAM comes in.

Try and forget that now. I dare you. 😉